The Next Gen Supplements

Developed with great passion and future in mind, Aavishkar’s oral strips are manufactured using our proprietary patented technology technology ThinSol™. The path breaking technology has made a identity mark of its own due to high bioavailability, scalability and quality. Using ThinSol™ technology, variety of supplements have been ably layered into a thin strip without use of multitude of excipients that are used in conventional dosage forms. This novel technology has also made it possible to mask any bitter or otherwise unpleasant tastes of the actives, making it pleasant and delicious to ingest.

Micro Encapsulation

Micro Technology revolutionized entire process of how supplements are absorbed.

Bio Availability

Geometric increase in bioavailabilty of actives compared to other oral dosage forms.

Sustainable Packaging

Sophisticated and high grade sustainable packaging that is both stylish and resource friendly.

Exotic Flavors

Procured from all over the world to make supplementation, a fun and delicious experience.